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Salone's London

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Looking at the role of community-led archives and oral histories in the African diaspora.

Our ongoing project exploring the lives and experiences of Sierra Leoneans in London. Our first stop is east London.

We are conducting oral histories with Sierra Leoenans who are based or who have lived in east London. If this is you, and you who would like to share your stories with us through an oral history interview, get in touch:

Creating & Finding Voices

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Looking at the role of community-led archives and oral histories in the African diaspora.

Activities include our zine workshop and the Diaspora & Talk with Sheila Maurice-Grey

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Oral Histories
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The core of our work is the production of oral histories. What is oral histories? It is the recording of memories, experiences and opinions of by people. Our oral historians have completed oral history training from the Oral History Society

Zine Workshop
Zine Frontcover

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Guided by a theme or topic, our Salone & I zine workshop invites guests to share, listen and reflect on life in the Salone diaspora. Together we produce a zine to document these narratives.


In Development: Oral History Collection

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We welcome opinions and thoughts on how people can engage and use the collections. If you would like your say, you can complete our survey or join our user advisory group.

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Salone Abroad is a space that documents and shares the lives of Sierra Leoneans living in the diaspora. We use oral histories and zines to reflect on the movement of fellow Sierra Leoneans and how we live, share and commerate our culture and heritage in homes-away-from home.


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Nenna is the founder and lead on Salone Abroad. She is an oral historian and has a background in public events programming in education and culture sectors. Outside of Salone Abroad, you can find her exploring geographic information systems, insider researcher and diaspora research methodologies, diaspora experiences and the role of the diaspora in development.

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Krio Heritage Foundation


We work with the Krio Heritage Foundation (KHF) on a oral history and documentations projects. The KHF is a community undertaking that aims to invest in the tradition, culture and heritage of its people, the Krios in the diaspora and in Sierra Leone.


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If you are a Sierra Leonean community organisation or group and would like to collaborate together get in touch via the email address.

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We are building an online archive about Sierra Leoneans for Sierra Leoneans. We welcome your thougts and opinions so please complete this short questionnaire:

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